verb: to cook by exposing to dry heat

What's in a name?

We slice, dice, ROAST, peel, chop, marinate, caramelize, whip, rise, blend, assemble and love all of the beautiful things that become our menu items right here, everyday because its fun and you’re worth it!

Roasted, peeled peppers salad on a plate


adjective: relating to activities in which people spend time talking or doing enjoyable things TOGETHER


Meet your friends and enjoy daily happy hour specials from the kitchen and the bar:
Mon-Fri 3-6:30pm
Saturday 11-5pm.


Take advantage of maximum weekend hang time. We serve until midnight on Friday and 1am on Saturday.    #piesnotfries


We built our generously sized tables to accommodate everybody in your party.  Order from our eclectic menu, put it in the middle and share.


No TV’s. Local art. Table top game questions. Inspired food and drinks.


noun: where food is prepared and cooked for family and friends

We use fresh produce and feature seasonal crops that are organic as often as possible and sourced as locally as we can. We are always interested in finding new local farmers to work with.

All of our meats, cheeses and dairy are hormone free and without extra additives. Our fresh beef, chicken and pork are pasture raised on humane farms. We utilize only the finest quality cured meat and charcuterie free of added nitrites and preservatives.

Our pizza dough is made each day using unbleached unbromated flour milled from the finest red spring wheat, uniodized sea salt, Texas grown extra virgin olive oil and filtered water. Our dough is proofed and allowed to rise so that the yeast can produce maximum flavor, aroma, and texture. That is how we make the best brick oven pizzas in Tyler, Texas!

All kinds of imagery and assumptions come to people’s minds when they hear or see our name for the first time, but once our menu is experienced we think it becomes perfectly clear what Roast Social Kitchen is all about.


Brick Oven Pizzas - Seasonal Fare - Craft Cocktails - Wine on Tap - Craft Beer